Certificate of authenticity

Appraised and certified jewelry

Each old piece of jewelry or second-hand jewelry present on the HATHORA site has been previously checked and verified point by point by our Expert Gemologist in order to guarantee you accurate identification and very precise jewelry expertise.


  • Constituent metals
  • Weight
  • Precise jewelry measurements: height, width, thickness, finger size for rings.
  • State
  • Nature of the gem(s)

Each piece of jewelry sold on our site is systematically accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. This document is written and signed by our Expert Gemologist graduated from Gem A.

Our certificates are valid for insurance, sharing, or even inheritance purposes. These are real identity cards showing the exact characteristics of your unique jewel observed by our Expert Gemologist at the time of writing them.

This document is of great importance for antique jewelry. Indeed, if the old piece of jewelry is kept in good condition, it will then see its value evolve over time unlike new mass-produced jewelry which will lose value more easily. Therefore, no value is indicated on the certificate. This must be accompanied by the purchase invoice which establishes the price of the jewelry at the time of purchase. This price may be revised over time, thanks to the certificate of authenticity.
In the event of resale, disputes with your insurance or in the context of an inheritance, you will be able to assert your rights.