Jewelry care guide

For all jewelry sold by Maison HATHORA, we strongly recommend that you use the polishing cloth (chamoisine) provided in the box, in order to preserve the good condition of your jewelry.

Concerning the precious stones set on your jewelry, some precautions should be taken to preserve their color, their durability or even a good polish and thus the shine of the gems.

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Sapphire & ruby

Corundums are generally very durable and can be safely cleaned in jewelry liquid. However, you should avoid:

  • Direct heat;
  • Acids;
  • Ultrasound and steam jet if the stone is very included.


Emerald is a very fragile stone that usually has cracks and can chip easily. It should never be cleaned with ultrasound, but only with lukewarm soapy water . It should also not be left to soak in detergent or solvent.

Maintenance precautions:

  • An emerald can easily break. Avoid wearing jewelry set with emerald in a context where the stone would be exposed to shock.
  • Avoid solvents as they may affect the crack filling material.


It is best to clean aquamarine in warm soapy water using a soft brush and dry it with a soft cloth.

Be careful to handle it with care, we advise you to store jewelry set with aquamarine separately to avoid the risk of abrasion.


The diamond attracts fat; it is therefore recommended to avoid hand creams or soap. Although diamond is a hard stone, it also has perfect cleavage; in other words, if the stone receives a blow in the wrong direction it will break; you must therefore avoid hitting it or causing it to fall.


To avoid :

  • Direct heat (long exposure to the sun), which could cause dehydration leading to cracking and cracking;
  • Thermal shock;
  • Chemicals and acids, as the pearl dissolves in any acidic product.

Our maintenance recommendations:

  • Use a soft cloth dampened with bottled water to clean your pearls. You should know that a pearl contains on average 2% water, it is therefore necessary to keep this same percentage of water within its structure to avoid any possible alterations.
  • If you are forced to store your pearls for several months in a piece of furniture, we advise you to place a glass of water in the same storage location to compensate for the lack of humidity.


Tourmaline naturally attracts dust and must therefore be cleaned frequently in lukewarm soapy water, for example.
It is necessary to avoid exposing the stone to high heat (long exposure to the sun for example), as this could alter its color and enlarge the cracks present.